isNumeric errors-out on dates from DB query

Failing test:

import testbox.system.BaseSpec

component extends=BaseSpec {

    function run() {
        describe("Repro cases for DB-oriented bugs", () => {
            it("mishandles dates from the DB", () => {
                var result = queryExecute("SELECT curdate() as my_date")

                expect(listFindNoCase(result.columnList, "my_date")).toBeTrue()
                expect(() => {

NB it’s MariaDB, using the BoxLang MySQL driver (which otherwise seems to work fine. Ish).

Can’t give you any further info on the exception, as none is returned (message and detail are blank). I’m raising this as a separate issue.

TBH, do you want this sort of thing here for visibility / discussion, or just they go straight into Jira?

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Thanks for the report!

For a bug this obvious, straight into Jira is cool with me. I’m confused right now if this is a JDBC typing issue, an isNumeric() issue, or something else. Either way, I copied some minimal details here: [BL-165] - Welcome

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