Issue Installing ContentBox with Apache webserver and Lucee

Having played around a little with Contentbox over the last year I have just started the project to create a new website for our community centre. This morning I installed the latest versions of Lucee and Apache Web Server. In the past, my experiments with ContentBox have been on Lucee alone using Command Box to start and stop the server on a port other than 80.

I have now got Apache 2.4 working on my server with Lucee on port 80 on my desktop.

Next step was to update commandBox and the CLI to version 5.9.1.

When change to the root directory of my new site and type contentbox install-wizard (which is the next step on the contentbox install instructions) I get the following error:

Command “contentbox install-wizard” cannot be resolved.
Please type “help contentbox” for assistance.

Is this because I already have an older version of contentbox elsewhere on my machine?

Should I be using another method to install the latest version of ContentBox? I would like to be able to use the bleeding edge version if possible.


Hey Kevin,
I think you’re trying to run contentbox commands that haven’t been installed into your CommandBox CLI. The contentbox install-wizard command doesn’t come from the actual contentbox CMS repo, it comes from the contentbox-cli package which you need to install separately.

Basically, run install contentbox-cli in CommandBox and you should be good to go. :+1:


Thank you. That fixed it.


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Glad to hear it! Happy developing!