Issue Reinstalling CommandBox

Hey all, Im a fledgling webdev who’s recently been introduced into the world of CFML and coldbox, so I apologize ahead of time for my ignorance. As I’ve been learning, I’ve been following through the various coldbox videos series available from Ortus (fantastic stuff by the way, its all been a massive help!). As I was building out one of the demo apps, I made the mistake of starting a server on a port that already had an existing server running. I can’t remember the exact sequence of steps that I took to mess up in this way, but the end result has that commandbox listed a server running that was definitely NOT running. I tried some fixes after some research online, including editing the server.json file. This only served to make the problems worse, as CommandBox began behaving very strangely, eating characters from my commands, etc.

Regardless, I decided that I would just start from a blank slate, and blew away all my project folders and commandbox files, including the .Commandbox file in my users folder. I downloaded a fresh zip of Commandbox, Windows 64 with JRE. Extracted it, ran box.exe, and now Im presented with these errors when trying to run box.exe:

I appreciate your time and any assistance you can provide!

Edit: Changed box.json to server.json, this is the file I was changing when trying to fix the server issue

That error usually means the embedeed Lucee server inside of the CLI was interrupted the first time it loaded and never finished installing all of its extension.

  • make sure your PC has external internet access in case it’s trying to download anything on first start
  • ensure you don’t have anti-virus programs messing with your jars or slowing down java
  • ensure you let CommandBox start all the way up with out interrupting it on the first run
  • Close all CLis, stop all servers, and kill all java.exe processes
  • delete the ~/.CommandBox/engine folder
  • start CommandBox fresh and see if it’s feeling better.

The error above has nothing at all to do with your server problem, so there’s no telling what you had going on there. Remember, you can always just forget a server to start fresh. Run

server list

to see all your servers and

server forget <name>

to get rid of a server. This doesn’t delete the CF code or the server.json, just the internal CF installation it was using and forgets any randomly picked ports.

Much thanks, CommandBox working like a charm now!

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