Issues Loading Singletons with Different Coldbox Versions

I have some external modules that I include with a majority of my applications that are currently on Coldbox 6.8.1. Two of the external modules have singletons.
I have started to create a new application using Coldbox 7.3.0 and we’ll be updating the older apps to a version of 7 eventually but not before this new application goes out.

I am having an issue when starting up some of my apps at the same time with these external modules. If I load up the CB7 application, I get issues with the CB6.8 application saying it is missing one of the injected dependencies. If I restart my applications and go open the CB6.8 application before the CB 7, the CB7 has issues saying it is missing parameters in the controller init function.

With Coldbox do these singletons exist for the entire server that they are being ran on and that’s where these issues are stemming from? The only fix I have found so far is creating a second external module folder and mapping the CB7 to look at that instead of the folder that the CB6.8 apps are looking at, but I would like to keep the same ones across all of our applications.