Issues with FusionReactor debugging in latest version of CommandBox

I just downloaded the latest version of CommandBox to run Lucee 5+ and setup latest version of FusionReactor (and licensed it) using the CB package manager. All worked fine, except step debugging seems partially crippled in FR inside of CB – in so far as none of the variables are available and watches don’t work. Stepping through the code works ok though.
When I use FR on a traditional Lucee server that isn’t using CB, I get the full debugging experience including inspecting all the vars, creating watches against the same code base.

Is this a known issue with FR debugging in CommandBox? Or are there any secret workarounds?

HI, and thanks for posting. I’m not aware of any differences debugging Lucee on CommandBox as compared to a Tomcat-based installation. I’d recommend reaching out to the Fusion Reactor support and ask them.