Issues with tests via Eclipse and Apache Ant

Hey guys,

I’m working to setup a CI server using Jenkins and trying to get the /test/test.xml file to run for my Coldbox applications. Here’s my test.xml file:

1st Issue

This is an eclipse issue with the embedded ANT. I have not been able to resolve it on my mac for quite some time. I believe it is due to the Eclipse version and ANT. The workaround is to run it through the command line from something outside of the workbench.

  1. You might want to setup property files for this. You can even setup new environment variables via jenkins so it points to the path you want.

  2. Yes, unless you have a post build in Jenkins that parses the JUnit reports. Do you have that?


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Thanks a bunch Luis! I will look into using Ant property files versus setting environment variables in Jenkins. I don’t have a post build process yet, but I’m working on getting that setup.

Luis, it is possible to use an external version of Ant in Eclipse.


It is and I have tried it. I also was using java 6 in my Mac. I just updated to java 7 and actually will try again to see if that resolves it.