JavaLoader plugin issues: "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.compoundtheory.classloader.NetworkClassLoader"

Hello all,

I have a ColdBox 3.0.0.Beta3 app that runs fine on ColdFusion 9 /
JRun multiserver / Windows 2003 server, but fails with the following
message on ColdFusion 9 / JRun multiserver / CentOS 5.4:

Error Occurred While Processing Request

The error occurred in /var/www/pod.testing/wwwroot/coldbox/system/
extras/javaloader/JavaLoader.cfc: line 59
Called from /var/www/pod.testing/wwwroot/coldbox/system/plugins/
JavaLoader.cfc: line 66
Called from /var/www/pod.testing/wwwroot/coldbox/system/services/
LoaderService.cfc: line 115
Called from /var/www/pod.testing/wwwroot/coldbox/system/services/
LoaderService.cfc: line 93
Called from /var/www/pod.testing/wwwroot/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc:
line 65
Called from /var/www/pod.testing/wwwroot/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc:
line 80
Called from /var/www/pod.testing/wwwroot/Application.cfc: line 58
57 :
58 : //classLoader = createObject("java",
59 : networkClassLoaderClass = getServerURLClassLoader().loadClass
60 :
61 : networkClassLoaderProxy = createJavaProxy


I've tried bouncing ColdFusion a few times, but the error still

If I comment out <Setting name="javaloader_libpath" value="$
{Applicationpath}/includes/java" /> in my main config file, the
application will load without error, but obviously it won't be loading
the jars in my lib dir.

Any suggestions?


Eric Holmgren


I have not seen this before, it seems it cannot find the network class loader it is supposed to load by default.

Try to do the method “ensureNetworkClassLoaderOnServerScope” code on itself on a page and see if it can load the network class loader manually. It complains that it cannot load it. I would check that it is loading the correct path.

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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If you dump your server scope, what do you see?


Luis and Mark,

As it turns out, I was using a filter token in an ant copy task that
was corrupting all the binary files (including .jars) from my svn