JDBC (JSON Cache) Object truncated

Hi folks,

I have a cache setup using a custom JSON Cache which essentially uses the JDBCCache to store the data. See this thread for details on Brad’s help to get this working - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/coldbox/from$3Ame/coldbox/wWEPAYvu_1w/cEQlQBBBpSEJ

The cachebox uses the default datatypes and field sizes (ntext for the object itself I believe).

The DB is MSSQL.

I’m have a rather large JSON object that I’m trying to store in the the cache and for some reason the JSON is being truncated. Is there a size limit to ntext? If so, does anyone have a recommendation on a datatype which would not truncate?



By any chance would the data be greater than 64k? That is the default limitation for the Datasource in ColdFusion.

Probably your data source settings. Edit the data source in use and check the “CLOB - Enable long text retrieval” box. By default the CF datasources truncate at, like, 64k or something.



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Hi guys,

Thanks for your quick emails. I forgot about that setting in CFAdmin. I enabled CLOB and it works now. Cheers,