Left frame menu not generated correctly

I installed DocBox with commandbox (also tried download directly from git repository) and using this to generate my docs.


baseDir = getDirectoryFromPath( getBaseTemplatePath() );

docbox = new docbox.DocBox(properties = {
projectTitle = “MEID DB”,
outputDir = “#ExpandPath(”/apidocs")#"

source = [
{ dir = expandPath( “/models”), mapping = “models” },
{ dir = expandPath( “/modules”), mapping = “modules” }
excludes = ‘tests|docbox|cb-bundle|ModuleConfig|whoops|handlers’

Api docs generated to /apidocs!


This is a file that lives in the root of my application, then when I run it the docs are created and I see the documentation of the cfc’s is done correctly but the left menu looks very deep nested see image.

Am I doing something wrong?.

Please advice.

Angel Chrystian

What does your folder structure look like? Also, have you tried the actual DocBox CommandBox command? You don’t even need to start a server, it just creates all the docs from the command line directly.