LIGHT Docker Image for Lucee 5

Hi everyone,

Is there a “Light” Commandbox image for Lucee5 (latest)?
I can’t find an appropriate tag in DockerHub - but I also don’t profess to being a DockerHub or Docker (alone) guru, either - so it is entirely possible, there is one and I am just not “seeing” it / annotating the PULL command correctly.

As always - THANKS!

Lucee 5 as opposed to Lucee 6? Or are you only looking for the latest LIGHT Lucee stable release?

If you haven’t already, see the list of available tags on Docker Hub. I would try the :lucee-light tag, but I’d bet that’s Lucee 6 and you don’t want Lucee 6?

The lucee-light, tagged image on DockerHub : is indeed Lucee6.
I am certainly after Lucee5.latest.

I did look through the tags - and did not find a light version for lucee5.x for the commandbox image.

Hi Everyone,

I have a solution - that is spectacularly simple and self-evident… AFTER you see it (of course!)
I am sure this is always the way it works out…

In that just because there isn’t a “tag” on DockerHub - doesn’t mean that you have no options.
Prior to using the lucee-light image when it was v5.x - I “did” do almost exactly the same as Jon’s solution turned out to be.

I just got “fixated” on the fact that there wasn’t a way for me to get what I wanted on DockerHub - and that meant I was stuck / out of options!
Curious / interesting conundrum of the mind, indeed.

Let me start with:
A shout-out to @bdw429s and @jclausen - who chatted with me on slack at well after their normal business hours.

For those playing along at home:
At the time of writing, there isn’t a TAG on DockerHub to get a lucee-light image at v5.x
But of course - it is available on Ortus’ Forgebox.

(and “my” issue was also that I couldn’t use Ortus’ ORM extension with our code in it’s current state and so we needed the Lucee Org’s extension for Hibernate 3.5.x - which of course you can just add via an environment variable - like in the snippet below : or like we do - by copying all the extensions we use into the deploy directory, as part of the build.)

So a quick tweak - to the DockerFile and you will be on your way…

FROM ortussolutions/commandbox

# Pin the image to a 5.x version of lucee light
ENV BOX_SERVER_APP_CFENGINE lucee-light@5.4.5+23

# Add our Lucee Hibernate ORM extension and pin to the 3.x version
ENV LUCEE_EXTENSIONS FAD1E8CB-4F45-4184-86359145767C29DE;version=

# Warm up the server to install the specific version of Lucee light and extensions

# Do any customizations below this

Jon also suggested;

I would not use a pre-warmed image - but just warm it up yourself during the build process. That will make sure everything is clean and there is no need to remove anything at all.

I just realized this too, thanks for posting how you worked around this.

I guess what confuses me is that there is a tag ortussolutions/commandbox:lucee5-light-alpine-3.9.2 (Docker) which I would have expected to be Lucee v5.x. But it seems it is Lucee v6 if I’m reading the version correctly.

I originally wrote that you were wrong…
But you’re not!

There is a “version” file in the lucee web context that reads Lucee as being the version.

But after forcing an exception to be thrown - the dump clearly shows that the image is using Lucee 6.

Is there any possibility of coming up with a new convention for your naming/versioning of images/tags?