Lightwire vs. Native ColdBox DSL


Is there any advantage to using Lightwire vs. Native ColdBox DSL?

Originally, I had LW setup but didn't like all the XML but just
wondering if I'm losing any functionality.


You were using XML with LightWire? Kinda misses the point of it :slight_smile:

That said, I haven't played with them but I'd be surprised if you lost any functionality at all using the native ColdBox DSL for DI - you may well even gain some - Luis usually does a very thorough job when he implements something!

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Ahh thanks Peter, you made me blush :slight_smile:

Yes, first of all, XML with lightwire seems dirty! It can handle it but don’t know why you would use the XML approach. The DI engine is called WireBox and no XML required or even needed :slight_smile:

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