Line Debugger no longer works in a ColdBox 3.0 RC1

Has anyone else noticed this?

If I fire a break point before a single ColdBox line, it will fire. Try to fire in a handler or service or core code it will no longer fail.

And I am sure I am not using any cached code, because I removed it all. Have rebooted the server to make sure, and it will not fire. Delete ColdBox but a simple app and all code will fire.

Now I am assuming it is something to do with ColdBox here, because the browser was left overnight for roughly 10 hours on a break point fire. The browser was still trying to connect to the server and the IDE was not doing anything, which indicated a problem communicating back to ColdFusion that it had received the request.

Has anyone noticed this behaviour with the line debugger and ColdBox RC1? If I drop back a version back to M4 for instance, the line debugger will fire fine.


Andrew Scott

Did you ever get the LINE DEBUGGER working again? even in ColdBox 3.1?

I did, but it had something to do with starting with a new Work Space…

btw this is a ColdFusion and CFB problem and not a ColdBox problem, it just may be fixed with the latest hotfix as there is a fix for the debugger and constantly edit files.

I seem to recall Adobe engineers mention something like this when in a connect session with me, I just havent had a chance to try it as yet.

Okay at work we have a strange thing going on and we are not sure if it is a code issue or a bigger issue so we are trying everything to find it.

Is it some odd behaviour, I have seen so much odd behaviour with the debugger.

Could you explain in some more detail what your seeing?

So if I put a break point inside of a handler will it still stop using the line by line debugger?

Yes it should, the only exception is when CFB falls over. In other words what I have noticed is that when it does, anything that is cached in the framework as a singleton will be skipped.

I am not sure what causes CFB to fall over like this, but as I custom my workspace its a damn pain to have to reset it or create a new one to have this bug go away.

I have listed a few examples of scenarios on my vimeo page

Two of the many I have reported to Adobe.