log rotate


Is there a way to rotate the log when it reaches a certain length?

What I'm looking for is if coldbox can be configured to move the log
file when it reaches a certain length. The files rotated would only
need a counter for their name, something like:
myapp.log (current)
myapp.log.1 (most recent)
myapp.log.n (eldest)



Logbox already does this. Use The rolling file appender or the async
rolling file appender.

How can I configure it? BTW, I'm still using version 2.6.4... Is it
available in versions before 3.0?

Thanks for the answer, and for the great framework,


Hi Pedro,

I would suggest to use v3.0,

Its quite stable now, all you have to refactor some coldbox.xml.cfm

download nightly build, every thing is there.
v3.0 Guide

Even model integration been improved allot, then might you don't need
coldspring any-more.


Pedro, 2.6.4 also supports this, please read the configuration guide in the wiki.

I found it, finally! Anyone can find it here, in the second paragraph:


Sorry for another RTFM question... there are so many things, all
wonderfully documented :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sana: I need some time to port my current CB 2.6.4 app to 3.0 and
check everything works, I'll do it as soon as I can.

Thanks Luis and Sana!


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