LogBox Custom Layouts

Hi folks,

I’ve been using the default layouts for logbox for a while now and was curious as to how I could build a custom layout.
I’m primarily using logbox to trap errors and log the error stacktrace within the Main.onException handler, and would now like to extend those logging calls to also contain CGI info and RC/PRC vars. I’d like to be able to log all of these within one call without necessarily building a structure of what to log every time. Would building a custom layout be the way to go here, or is it the recommend approach to build a structure to log, then pass it in?

If this would be done via a custom layout, can anyone provide an example layout as I haven’t quite figured it out how to do it yet.

Many thanks!


I say go with a default layout, that way you have much more granular control, or do it the easy way and add it into the log structure.

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