logMessage() missing error

Hi All,

I had been having the following error which seems like due to CF's
And recentry I have found the way to get rid and write this post to
help someone who is getting trouble with this error.

Error message:
Error Type: AbstractAppender.NotImplementedException : [N/A]
Error Messages: This appender
'coldbox.system.logging.appenders.AsyncRollingFileAppender' must
the 'logMessage()' method.

My environment:
Windows 2003 Server x32 Japanese
Coldfusion 9.01 width Cumulative Hot Fix 1
Coldbox 3.00m6, 3.00 and 3.10

It occurred not every access, I coun't find the wayt to reproduce it
It seems like that the error occure when the logMessage are called
many time in short time.
For example if I make levelMax to "DEBUG" for logBox, I could get it
more offten.
Also it could be one of the conditions that output log message in
extended class of Interceptor.

I believe that at line 61 in AsyncRollingFileAppender.cfc, the super
scope wrongly point to AbstractAppender
instead of parent calass "AsyncFileAppender".
So that if I use stored super scope in variables scope at initilize
class at line 61, I never get the error any more.

In coldbox\system\logging\appenders\AsyncFileAppender.cfc
Add the following code at around 39:
variables.theSuper = super;

Change line 61

I can find few pots that seems like talking the same problem in this


Also I can find some pages have been getting the same error on google
search result with keyword "AsyncRollingFileAppender.cfc:61".


Iwaki you are a genius. I have reportr this bug to ColdFusion for loosing scope on cfthread. I will apply this hotfix and also blog about it.

Thanks so much