Looking for How to extend a ColdBox application

Below, I've laid out a proposed directory structure for our company
development. We develop multiple applications for use with multiple
clients. As such, we want to keep our applications in the /apps
directory, and keep any customizations in the /clients/[clientName]/

I don't want to have to stub out the whole application for each
client, just customizations. If a file doesn't exist at the client
level, I want the application to know to look in the /apps

Web Root

+- apps

  +- bestApp
  +- nextApp

+- base

+- clients

  +- firstClient
  > >
  > +- bestApp
  +- secondClient
  > >
  > +- bestApp
  > +- nextApp
  +- thirdClient
      +- nextApp

+- ColdBox

ColdBox has Extension points for external locations: Have a look at the extension point settings on the wiki:

If not look at modules also.

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Thanks for the information. The Extension Points are exactly what I
was looking for.

- JS