Lucee Whoops vs Adobe ColdFusion (ACF) Whoops

I’m in the process of trying to migrate my Coldbox ACF apps over to Lucee (yay!), and I’ve noticed a significant difference in how Lucee reports exception errors than ACF.

If I have a bug in one of my models, ACF reports the issue with something like this:

However, Lucee, doesn’t give me the context of the file that actually caused the exception, and instead Whoops displays this:

The only workaround I have found to actually figure out which model is causing the issue is to keep swapping the cfengine in server.json and restarting the server.

Is this a limitation of how Lucee displays exception information? Or is there a way I can have Lucee share more context into what file caused the exception similar to ACF?

I’d put in a lucee ticket with code that reproduces this error.

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Good call. I wasn’t sure if it was a Coldbox-related issue with how models are executed or something specific to Lucee. I’ll put together an example and submit it to their issue tracker.