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Hello Luis,

At first I´d like to say I have already searched about
Coldbox+Ajax and seem some ColdboxReader examples.

For all I have understod,
I´m trying a little different approach with ajax.
I´d like to do pages with
less div content´s substitution and more JS interaction.

I downloaded
AjaxCFC needs that component extends "core.ajax" and Coldbox needs
that component extends "coldbox.system.eventhandler"

So, I edited
core/ajax.cfc file to extends "coldbox.system.eventhander"

I´m not calling
ajaxCFC via framework (I don´t know I it´s possible to do it via ajaxCFC), I´m
just calling:

DWREngine._execute( _ajaxConfig._cfscriptLocation, null,
'doInsert', department, ajxResultInsert );

I have two doubts about it:

Once ajax.cfc extends from "coldbox.system.eventhandler" but the ajax component
isn´t called via Coldbox, will it run onRequestStart()? Not, right?

2) Is
there a way to get Event collection in the ajax component? I need the

Thank you,