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Thnaks for that. I think we may still need a dev mapping, althought I
don't use this myself, I image others would.

I'm not sure what you mean my my
application structure, I gave you a folder structure in my orginal post above.
That's pretty much it i think.

Also, I had made a couple of changes to the
1.2.0 release which I'm not sure if they are already changed in version 2.0.0.
They are:

1]Changed logger CFC to stope URL encoding the log file names.

: coldbox\system\plugins\logger.cfc (init function line 35)

Changed to:
<cfset variables.instance.logfilename =

2] Changed controller.cfc to stop stray ampersand being appended to url
when relocating.

File : coldbox\system\controller.cfc (setNextEvent
line 204)

Changed to:
<cfif len(trim(arguments.queryString))>
"" addtoken="no">

Ask me if you need more info.