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Hi Adam,

I will write up a request execution script so this is not confusing,
so thanks!! The order of execution is the following:

ApplicationStartHandler (If application not initialized)
2. onRequestStart
3. handler.preHandler()
4. handler.method()
5. handler.postHandler()
onRequestEnd Handler

I just uploaded a fix for this to the repo. An
interesting part to it, is that the runEvent() method now has two arguments:

the event
2) prepostExempt flag [default=false]

You can pass a true to the
prepostExempt argument and the event will execute without executing the pre/post
handlers. By default it is false for any runEvent() method.

Does this help?
"Also, are posthandlers global or are they set per handler cfc (like
prefuseactions in a circuit.xml file or something"

Yes, the are like
prefuseactions in a circuit.xml.
The global pre/post handlers are the
RequestStartHandler and the RequestEndHandler.

Hope this helps.