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Good to hear it... :slight_smile:
And so fun the "GOD FORBID".

But... by the
way, I´d like to say to you that I´ve passed last days testing Model-Glue. Just
because it has scaffolds and it would take off some time of development (less
events to create, less code do maintain).

But after some days I could see
(IMHO) that Coldbox is a better choice, even without scaffolds.

Just because
some reasons:

- Default scaffolds doesn´t have a good design, so it would
have to had some customization (time).

- The Coldbox´s idea in have a simple
way to maintain the controller layer is wonderfull. Or perhaps the idea from the
other frameworks in divide the controller layer in two parts (XML and CFML)
isn´t so productive and confortable.

- Plugins

- Docs

- Help (you are
always here to help us). Model-Glue also have a good community (Thank you Sean),
but Coldbox, too.

- With Coldbox I don´t have scaffolds, but after the base
system is done, I´ll have a more confortable framework to develope my

Thank you for all,