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Title: COLDBOX Framework change - settings.xml
Thread: COLDBOX Framework change - settings.xml
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We are using coldbox in a slightly unusual way in that, we have stub
files around our webroot filesystem that just include the coldebox.cfm file.

-- index.cfm
-- /aboutus
-- /aboutus/index.cfm **

problem we had was that the system would be incorrectly looking for the
config.xml file found at :
from the
coldbox/system/config/settings.xml file.

This means that when you try and
load /aboutus/index.cfm it thinks the config file is at:
/aboutus/config/config.xml.cfm. Its is not.

We had to change the
coldbox/system/config/settings.xml file to be :

(where [AppMapping] is the value of the <Setting
name="AppMapping" tag in the config.xml.cfm file.)

instead of :

Is there another
way to do this?? If not how can this be done so thatfuture upgrades to coldbox
do not overwrite our changes?