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Title: Debugging "do" (non-terminal?) events
Thread: Debugging "do" (non-terminal?) events
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User: bburwick

Hey folks,

Is there a way to get debugging info for an event if it's not the
last one run for the request, like a "do" event before a "dsp" event?

example if my user authentication form submits to ehGeneral.doLogin and it does
some stuff and then calls setNextEvent("ehGeneral.dspHome"), I think I only get
debugging info for ehGeneral.dspHome. I don't see the resource collection as it
appeared to doLogin, only as it appeared to dspHome. And if I use the logging
plugin to set a tracer in doLogin, it doesn't show up.

If I take out my
setNextEvent() call and set a view, then I can get the debugging info; but I was
wondering if there is an easier way.