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This is not best practice for an application, however for a framework it
makes sense, in order to get the side effects that duck typing produces and
because checking occurs on the actual objects the framework receives and not on
the types. This is a complex topic, however there are several posts out there
that explain how duck typing can be applied and used in dynamic languages such
as ColdFusion.
Sean Corfield has some great posts on this.

Just an important
note, is that this is done to get around typing plugins and events. This should
not be done as an application building standard.


Here is a link to Sean's presenttion:

Hi Luis,

Thanks alot for sending link for duck-typing presentation, now its
really make sense that CF runtime checks type of object to be process.
So certainly ColdBox will get performance improvement.

If any body have more cool resource links of duck-typing, I would like
to read them.

Thanks Luis.