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So I'm still playing around with this and still struggling a bit. From thinking
through, I'm getting the impression that I don't need custom config files. The
config files allow me to specify different settings that in my case would be the
same for all apps. All 3 of my apps would be using the same ColdSpring config,
the same Transfer config, the same services, etc. All that changes are the
handlers, views, layouts, includes, and images. The what can change per client
are the layouts and images, the rest would be the same for every client. So I
need something that allows me to dynamically change the path to my
handlers/views/etc., which as far as I can tell the config.xml file doesn't do,
the settings.xml file does, but that's static. But you mention packages and I'm
struggling to find info about them. Are they just subfolders? If so, suppose I
put an "app1" subfolder in my handlers folder, what name do I give my event so
it will know it has to look in that subfolder?