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This don't help at all.

When i am building a web app, i dont want guys that
handles layout touch control/model/plug-in files. All they should do and have
access to, are view and Layout files (also config).

I want to avoid putting
any View control data in the controller. This is why i like the idea of using
"aliases" in the code when setting a view. When layouter wants to
change something, he is only changeing a value in the config without touching
the code.

Same goes for setting js and css in the controller. This is a
violation of my way of developing. Controller is a controller of application
flow, and some data, not a controller of view behaviour and layout :slight_smile:

also allow me to cooperate with less ColdFusion experienced people for handling
Layouts. All they need to know is how to handle basic control statements like
if, loop and be able to call some basic methods like render , valueExists etc.
This way they can focus on the layout and usability of the application and don't
have to care about other things.

I think i will stick to the idea of preparing
automated struct of JS/CSS files based on the event handler/event name.

I am
also thinking about automated setting of the Views (developer can decide that
event will automatically set a view based on the name - if such file exists).
But i will think a little more about this one - am not completely sure if this
is a good idea or not.