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I have the exact same result/error.

WIN XP, IIS 5.1, cfmx 6.1, new download
from your site 2.0 zip.

>>If you cannot access the
then definately coldbox is not under

There is no index.cfm file in that folder. ??

One thing weird
is all these 0 byte no file type files in the zip that do not get extracted. If
I try to drag them out, it errors and says can't find the file. I had to choose
"extract all" to get the zip not to error. But in system folder in the
zip I see a bunch of those that are not in the system folder after extracted.
It is probably just relative path problems with IIS 5.1. Had the same thing with
CF on Wheels and gave up. See their google group for a recent thread on that.
If so, maybe you can confirm.