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FOr sure ziggy, I need to revamp this forum since the outputting of code is
horrible. I just need to the time for it.

the link I posted was wrong, it
should not be

it should be

Once you do this, and output of
'NOT PERMITTED' should be seen. This means that the framework is in the correct
position. The thing to remember is that the sample apps and application template
look at the path starting from the web root:


So if
you go to it like in the link above, you should see the 'not permitted' text.
Try this and let me know. IF for some reason you had an error loading and now
you changed the path, you should append the 'fwreinit=1' to the url. This
reinitializes the framework.


for the error:
Error Loading Framework Configuration.
The selected method
getCacheMaxObjects was not found.

THis is due to a bug when used in cfmx 6.XX.
It has been fixed and will be release in 2.0.1 this week, which by the way,
includes several bug fixes for critical pieces.

Let me know if this works.