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User: ziggy

I've never used svn but I downloaded all the recently changed files from the
trunk/src - I think I got them all - and I now get this error at

Error Loading Framework Configuration.
The value returned
from function getCacheConfigBean() is not of type
coldbox.system.beans.cacheConfigBean. If the component name is specified as a
return type, the reason for this error might be that a definition file for such
component cannot be found or is not accessible.

The error occurred in
F:\coldbox\system\frameworkSupertype.cfc: line 201
Called from
F:\coldbox\system\plugins\XMLParser.cfc: line 125
Called from
F:\coldbox\system\services\loaderService.cfc: line 48
Called from
F:\coldbox\system\services\loaderService.cfc: line 31
Called from
F:\coldbox\system\coldbox.cfm: line 56
Called from F:\coldbox\samples\index.cfm:
line 15

199 : <cfargument name="type" type="string"
required="no" default="Framework">
200 : <!---
************************************************************* --->
201 :
<cfthrow type="#arguments.type#"
202 : </cffunction>
203 :
<cffunction name="dump" access="private"
hint="Facade for cfmx dump" returntype="void">