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Hi Ziggy,

I tested today on cfmx 6.1 - windows, II5.

I did not get your
problem, everything ran as it should. However, since we were messing around
placing files here and there, it is likely the scope got corrupted and the
framework entered a limbo state.

I recommend, shutting down your cfmx 6.X
instance and start it up again. Then visit the samples folder with the
following appended URL variable (Which is to reinit the framework)

Try that!!

I did this
step by step. Copied the /trunk/src/system into /coldbox/system then copied the
/trunk/samples to /coldbox/samples

Then fired it up and boom!! So it might be
just the scopes in memory got screwed up and it might have been ok for a while.
The issues I had with cfmx6.x and the cache were solved. So I don't expect for
you to have any more problems. Please let me know, if it goes well, if not, I
will buy Adobe Connect and personally install it on your machine.