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Hi ziggy,

As for I have requested it and never got answers. I
keep on requesting it, but don't get it added. So if you know somebody that can
help, please let me know or try to get it added. I guess, the best way to expose
ColdBox is by all its users. So we need to find the time to promote it even

As for your fusebox question, well, here is the main focus. ColdBox
does not support any XML dialect, fusebox will have to support it and be
backwards compatible, which adds to their design and overall architecture. Not
meaning to bash fusebox, but the reality is that it was designed for XML and now
it has to be molded to support both.

ColdBox has been over three years in the
making of an XML-less nature and has matured far more than any other framework
in the xml-less arena (are there any XML-less Frameworks?). It has been focused
on being a pure OO framework that was unobtrusive to developers. It has always
stayed focused on its goals and conventions.

The novel features it
provides, such as enhanced caching, debugging panels, tools and monitors,
integrated unit testing, aspect programming such as timers, AOP logging, bug
reports, development environments, datasources support, etc, extensibility,
Companion Application (Dashboard) to generate applications on the fly, customize
your framework installation, auto-documentation, conventions setups, and
extensive documentation cannot be compared with other frameworks out there that
do not support these features or will support them in the future because of what
ColdBox is doing.

So in my eyes, ColdBox is unique to its nature and will
continue to be, its exposure has been small, but we all have to start somewhere.