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I agree with having one resource site and I guess I must get off my bottom and
start working on it. I have been planning this for quite a while, but have not
had the time to implement it. The complete separation of ColdBox from my site
and into an entity of its own sponsored by my company Ortus. So I guess now its
a good time to really start doing it.

For all those who would like to help
please let me know. The idea is to create an official site with the forums,
blog, and a community source depot that will hold coldbox apps, plugins and
more. One central location. This takes time and effort. So if somebody is
willing to help, please do. I would need a good forum and blog software, all
based on ColdBox, ideas, etc. The only external resource will be the Trac site,
which most likely would have to be integrated somehow to the official site.
So please pitch in.

As for a ColdBox lite, this means more work to keep two
separate threads of code. Time which I don't have, unless somebody gives me a
million dollars to work only in this project (Any millionaires out there??). So
I think for know, the main release must include everything. This doesn't mean
that everything gets used. Just like downloading a content management software,
do you use all its features? Maybe not. So in this area, I am not quite sure If
I can do another thread of release.

Oscar, since you gave the idea of
T-Shirts, tell me where I can order them, and I will do it!! Promise

I would agree on keeping it to one framework - no lite version.

The new web site could have a section for tutorials - starting with very easy / basic sample applications.
When you think you have learned enough you go off and do you thing - so to these people they are using the ‘lite’ features
The hard core developers keep going to the end to get the maximum benefit out of the framework.

Someone did starts some tutorials - I haven’t followed up on this - hopefully there are some more there
Oh, actually it has gone :frowning:

  • ColdFusion ColdBox Framework Contact-O-Matic by Michael O’Neill
    • No longer available online.