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I sent an email to both his sites about the fullasagoog feed. Hope it helps.
You should also post to the newatlanta BD list because they are now testing BD
compatibility with various frameworks and asking for lead contacts on the
various ones. See:

--and detached of particular individuals which might
give an inconsistent signal for an open-source / community project.

I have
to say this is true in the CF world; open-source is not very open. It is always
one guy who sometimes adds suggestions. Maybe the cf world is just too small
but I like the jquery model - which would be the best default js include in
coldbox for ajax, etc., actually! Even wordpress just changed to it. - where
john resig and a couple people approve all changes but very inviting to
contribute. I say all this but I'm not a real programmer sadly, just a hacker,
so my contributions would be otherwise likely.

One related issue is trying
to get some things to work on BD/Railio and eventually the Smith project if
that goes anywhere.

I don't think there is any need for new forum software
and such now, just organizing it all under one domain name for now, that's all.
As for a lite version, I think it is unnecessary - maybe a pdf on how to use
only basic features if that is needed at all. What I think are really helpful
are standard default features people use all the time - login, ajax js, form
handlers/validators, ORM (have a default system?), etc. - so they can just use
them then figure out how to write such things.