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Title: Layout with multiple views?
Thread: Layout with multiple views?
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User: bburwick

Hello ColdBox community! I'm just getting started with this framework - and in
fact with MVC in general. So I'm scrambling up the learning curve best I can.
I'm starting a pretty run of the mill application but I have some questions
about how to set up the layout in ColdBox. I want a header and navigation menu
at the top, and content below. If the content of the navigation menu changes
based on the user's role and current location, should this logic be in the
layout code, in another view called by the layout, or someplace else altogether?
The layout with two views (one for the menu, one for content) I was thinking
of would be like this:
header stuff
Does that make sense or have I misunderstood everything? Is there a
better way?