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Title: RE: problems with <cflayout> + coldbox (CF8)
Thread: problems with <cflayout> + coldbox (CF8)
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As I mentioned, Coldbox is new to me. Please excuse my naiveté.

The CF8 ajax
features are done mostly with the Ext and YUI frameworks. As such, whenever you
use a tag that relies on those libraries (cflayout, cftooltip, cfgrid type=html,
etc.) CF automatically adds the <script src=""> tags that load these libraries.
What is happening is that on the very first load, CF8 adds these script
tags correctly. On every successive load those tags are no longer present
which, of course, doesn't work very well. The first indicator of problems is an
error in Firebug complaining about not being able to find the ColdFusion object,
which is the client-side javascript "controller" for all of the ajax linkage.
To reproduce, just go here:, Create
a new coldbox application, copy the example code and paste it into
Layout.Main.cfm, load the app in firefox then refresh a few times. When it
stops working, restart the CF service. On my system it works one time and fails
on every successive reload.