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Title: RE: Reloading the UDF library
Thread: Reloading the UDF library
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Make sure that your setting for HandlerCaching is set to false in your
configuration file. So the handlers don't get cached while in development.

startup, the UDF gets injected into the handlers and also into the renderer
plugin. The plugins get cached internally, so if you keep adding stuff to the
UDF, I would just reinit the application or change the metadata on the renderer
plugin "cache=false" for your development. There is no auto reload for the
renderer just for the UDF library, since most likely edits to the UDF library
should be minimal.

fwreinit=1 is not reinitializing your application, make sure that you have not
set the 'reinitpassword' setting in your configuration. If you have, then you
need to pass it in the url action. If the reinit password is 'test' then you can
reinit the application by saying:


Hope this
helps, let me know.