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User: oscararevalo

I see, however by using a file to signal the application to reset itself will
imply that there should be some IO involved to detect the file right? also how
do you make sure that it is done only once?

I also thought about the key on
the config, but as you say, it pretty much defeats the purpose since that is
done only once per application cycle.

I didn't like much the idea of using a
hardcoded key, but for this scenario and with the fact that this must be checked
on every single request processed, seemed to me the most simple and direct way.

how about setting up a watch folder event gateway for each instance that looks at the config file and if it sees that the file has been modified (compare it to APPLICATION.configDateTime) and if is different call a reset page with?fwinit=1

I thinks this is a great idea. Well, all of this will be possible. I
will be releasing soon a new feature for ColdBox that will make this
and much much more happen.