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There is nothing wrong with treating your application as an object, actually
that is the idea behing having a domain model. With a domain model you have a
set of related classes that conform the logic or core of your application and
then you can interact with it from the presentation layer. What I meant with my
post, was that it wasn't a good idea to mix your application with the config
functionality of coldbox, because coldbox at the end is only a framework
exclusively for the presentation layer of your application.

For example,
assume that tomorrow you are asked to provide an additional Flex interface to
your application. What do you do now? Flex does not know or care what coldbox
is. So, do you start hacking coldbox to work with Flex? do you start pulling out
parts of the coldbox config parsing infrastructure and calling them
independently from the rest of the framework? If the idea of having different
configurations is central to your business logic, then it shouldn't be relying
on features provided only by the presentation layer.