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Title: Way to tell coldbox about site root mapping?
Thread: Way to tell coldbox about site root mapping?
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I've just setup a new coldbox site on a cf server that has the default
/ mapping to wwwroot. The websites on this box are in /wwwroot/sitename1,
wwwroot/sitename2, etc. The coldbox files are being found fine in
wwwroot/coldbox. I am getting errors from coldbox that it can't find
handlers.ehGeneral (since it is in wwwroot/sitenamex/handlers). Is there a way
to tell coldbox that this site lives at sitenamex mapping? I think it would be
great to have lines in the config xml to specify the mapping/path to the coldbox
core files for each app (in case you do not want a common coldbox library) and
the mapping/path to the site root (for situations like mine where the / mapping
does not point there. Kind of like the MyPluginsLocation setting I think.
I'd just remove the / mapping to solve the problem but there are many sites on
this server written by developers and contractors over the years and I don't
want to break anything that might depend on / pointing to wwwroot.

Thanks for
your help!

(IRC: thedriver)