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A couple of questions.
I am very interested in using Coldbox, but I have a
couple of questions.

1) Can I invoke a event, lets say residing on server x,
from another Coldfusion server, lets say server Y? (Same domain..ect, just
different physical location) That is, does all the source code need to reside on
the same machine as the Coldbox source code? Basically, I am looking for a
single layer above two other Coldfusion servers, that all share the same
resources. (events..ect..ect)

If Coldfusion is capable of being that layer,
could you please explain or show how you would implement the layer on top of the
servers? (Thanks)

2) Also, could you go more into depth on the web services
part of your documentation? How do we invoke them, how are they adapted into
CFC’s and or events.

Thanks so much…