m5 to m6 upgrade breaks EnvironmentSafeMailService plugin

Posting this so that others who may run into this can easily find a

After upgrading, I started receiving an error stating:

The PAYLOAD argument passed to the send function is not of type

It was simple enough to resolve. All that needed to happen was to
change the EnvironmentSafeMailService.cfc so that all references of
type *coldbox.system.beans.Mail* where changed to *any*.

This brings up the question, why would you ever type anything in CF? I
have been working with typeless or type optional languages, like CF
and Groovy, for many years and I do not really see any compelling

My two cents worth...

I like to declare type for our auto generated docs. But, while we
develop I think it helps all of us understand the contract and
location of the expected object.

A long as you have type checking disabled in a production environment
declaring type only adds value to code readability and documentation.

Aaron Greenlee

Twitter: aarongreenlee