M6 - autowiring

So, I am now using M6 for one of my apps. and the autowiring has
stopped working.

I have this in my Coldbox.cfc

    //Model Integration
    models = {
      objectCaching = false,
      setterInjection = false,
      definitionFile = "config/ModelMappings.cfm"

  interceptors = [

and my ModelMappings.cfm has all the Models defined like this

addModelMapping(path="UserService"); etc

My handler looks like this

<cfcomponent name="main" extends="coldbox.system.eventhandler"

  <cfproperty name="UserService" type="model" scope="instance" />


but I dont see anything in the logs (no errors in autowiring) and the
autowiring doesnt happen at all....
What am I missing?

This was working perfectly fine in previous version I was using (I
think M3 or M2) ?

What am I missing ?

Syntax change. Use "inject" instead of type in your CFC properties.

that was it! I changed it and it worked. Thanks Aaron.

Thank you, Aaron! I was going nuts before I saw your message... never found
anything directly stating this change in the docs.

Thanks again,

Fernando S. Trevisan (Programador)
I fernando.trevisan@tribointeractive.com.br
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You are correct. It is not yet in the documentation.