Mangoblog into coldbox application

Hi there, I need to install MangoBlog within an existing Coldbox
application. Does anyone knows if it's hard to let them talk to
eachother? Does anyone have done anything with these two apps

Im thinking to pull data from the blog into the home of the
application, Im thinking that an interceptor can do yhis, right?

Where should this mangoblog app should live, in root? "/blog"

Thanks in advance

Felipe Serrano

I don’t see why they can’t share an application namespace. You would have to do some trail and error. I would suggest doing the following.

  1. Updating the Application.cfc so both mango and coldbox load.
  2. Updating the coldbox application conventions so it does not mix with mango but on a separate sub folder, something like:

conventions = {
handlersLocation = “app/handlers”,
layoutsLocation = “app/layouts”

This means you create a folder called app where your ColdBox application will live.
3. Updating the Application.cfc to make it point to your Coldbox.cfc configuration file in the app directory using

  1. The Application.cfc for ColdBox dictates it uses the index.cfm file to process a request:

<cfif findNoCase(‘index.cfm’, listLast(arguments.targetPage, ‘/’))>

<cfset processColdBoxRequest()>

Here you can decide what template to process your coldbox requests or leave it intact and create an interceptor that stops coldbox requests when made to the blog.

Luis F. Majano
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Thank you Luis, that it was that I need it to start making tests.