Manifest is missing

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O openshift is not downloading images, above 3.6.3, for lack of manifest.

See print of my prompt.

@jclausen Can you assist please?

@pcsilva Let me revisit this. This was a known issue with BuildX ( Getting "no such manifest" since provenance was added · Issue #764 · docker/build-push-action · GitHub ) but I thought it was resolved by rolling back the version. I will update soon.

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Thanks for the feedback @jclausen
And Thanks for the agility @bdw429s

No problem at all! A new version of the image ( v3.7.5 ) is being built right now. Once that build completes, you can use the -3.7.5 designator for your base images and the manifests will be available.

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Tested here in openshift.
Did not find the manifest.

@pcsilva Give it a whirl again after this build completes: build test · Ortus-Solutions/docker-commandbox@8ed063c · GitHub

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I’m happy with the result!
Feedback from @jclausen always fast.

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