MariaDB4j Support in CommandBox/Runwar

During my refactoring of Runwar/CommandBox I was looking at the little MariaDB4j integration that was built into runwar (added about 7 years ago in 2016). There were never first-class settings for it in CommandBox so you would have had to use the runwar.args setting to activate. It also required you to include the MariaDB4j jars yourself in the classpath. (Note this is separate from the MariaDB CommandBox module Jan Janek made).
The settings it supported were:

  • enable
  • port
  • base directory
  • data directory
  • SQL file to import

So my question is, does anyone use the built in MariaDB4j integration in Runwar? If I removed it, would anyone care? If I put in first-class settings and documented it, would people use it? Does it sound useful? Worthless?

I say drop it and make it a module

@lmajano That sounds great, but Runwar is written in Java and has no modularity :slight_smile: I did put a few minutes of thought into what that could look like the other day (to make Runwar extendable), but as it stands right now, that’s not possible. There is already a CommandBox module out there for running MariaDB4j with CommandBox, but instead of embedding it in the server process, it spins up a second, separate server/java/process to run MariaDB4j in.