Media Providers


How do Media Providers work, when I switch to forward provider I get 404: not found. When I go into Media Manager, I get an error as if it is always using the default media provider.

Is there any documentation on how to use this at all?

Andrew Scott


Media Providers intercept the incoming call to the __media /path route and pass the path to the provider. The provider then decides what to do with the path, wether to relocate, cfcontent it or whatever it does.

Forward providers only work if the library is web accessible as it does a getPageContext().forward( path ). Which must be a valid path.


Luis, that is what I am trying to figure out. At the moment to me looking at the code, it all doesn’t make sense. I was looking at how we might write our own and for what reason. There is no documentation on them, at least not that I can find.