Messagebox style override

So I have got around to styling this and placed the setting in Config.cfc, added the style sheet to be included in the layout and for the life of me I can’t see the change.

Is there something else that is missing?

I set to true in coldbox.cfc and then just include these class names
in my css and works on this end...

.cbox_messagebox, .cbox_messagebox_info, .cbox_messagebox_warning, .cbox_messagebox_error

I believe that's all there is to it?


That is exactly what I have done.

If anyone is interested the wiki is wrong, the setting it says to use is not the setting that should be used.

I haven't tried it myself (not at that point yet with my app).

here it says you should use messagebox_style_override=true

That is the setting that is checked in coldbox/system/includes/

Like I said the documentation is wrong

Now I noticed these are the old docs, any reason why the variables was changed?

Those docs are 2.6

Luis, that doesn’t answer the question why the variable was changed.