Missing dependency issue with testing out a custom module


I am making a custom module for Coldbox to distribute on Forgebox. I have successfully uploaded the module to Forgebox and have installed it on my Coldbox application, however, I am receiving the following error message:

I receive this error message upon triggering a handler function which injects the module. This injection looks like this:


Here’s my ModuleConfig.cfc file:

The folder containing the module named “dog” is in the app’s modules folder. The folder struct looks like the following:


I’m not very experienced with modules, so I could be missing something very small here. Could someone please offer some help?

have you reinitted the framework? I would recommend dumping out all the mappings WireBox has for clues somewhere in a view

dump( wirebox.getBinder().getMappings().keyArray() )


Thanks so much for the help. I used the code you wrote and found out my module was mapped to the name deliveryOBSERVATIONgadget@dog while the actual .cfc is named deliveryOBSERVERgadget.

Biggest facepalm of my life.

Thanks so much for the help though. I corrected the naming and it works like a charm!

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