Mixing BDD and xUnit Tests in Same Suite/CFC

Can I mix BDD and xUnit tests within the same suite (CFC)?

I asked on Slack, and Brad mentioned that he thought no, since for each, one extends a different base spec; however, I thought that both syntaxes used the same base spec (testbox.system.BaseSpec):

FWIW, I tried to throw a function run( testResults, testBox ){} in my xUnit suite, but it took over, and it was the only thing that ran. I don’t know if there’s a trick to mixing them, or if it’s just not possible.


There is no way to mix them. You have to choose a syntax. If we see a run() we belive it is the bdd syntax. Else it thinks it is an xunit approach.

Why would you want to mix them./

I’m just getting started with the BDD syntax, and I’m trying it for unit tests. I have some legacy xUnit suites (with a 1-to-1 mapping to OUT CFCs), and when adding to those suites, I was hoping to be able to add BDD-syntax tests (which I like for their expressiveness and ability to made dynamic with loops, etc.).

It would have been nice, but it’s no big deal that it’s not possible.

Thanks for explaining,