mod_rewrite problem for modules - 403 Forbidden Access

I have a problem with the SES-Routing since I can access my modules
and constantly get 403 Error.

It seems to be a problem with .htaccess ( I use the default created
with the CB platform utilities)

the module loads fine with disabled SES-routing or without .htaccess

I can access {}domain}/index.cfm/admin:home/index

but not {domain}/admin:home/index with .htaccess enabled mod_rewrite

I just get a 403 Error

any ideas? since I have to present the app tomorrow :wink:


I have not seen that before Daniel. I would turn on logs for the rewrites and check it out.

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Sorry, I come back late to my own topic...

in the log I get:

(20024)The given path is misformatted or contained invalid characters:
Cannot map GET /admin:home HTTP/1.1 to file

I seems to be an apache problem on windows. there's an entry in the
apache bugzilla. It's been there a long time.
The problem is that Windows forbids a colon in the path except where a
drive specification is set - C:/.... No one seems to know what to do
about it.

I can confirm that exactly the same code works fine on nix machine
with apache 2.2.

hmm, I'm wondering why nobody else run into this?


I forgot to mention the apache Bugzilla entry the at describes the
problem (mainly because of MediaWiki users)

would that mean, modules are not usable with mod_rewrite enabled on
windows with apache?